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Commercial Projects

Are you looking for decorative glass solutions for your business? Are you an office looking to spice up the design or upgrade an area within your office space? Bellissimo Colors offers a wide range of decorative glass designs and solutions for offices and businesses that will be unique and impressive

Whether it be a brand new bar, glamorous hotel, vibrant office space; a customized glass piece is a staple eye-catcher in any venue. Clean, slick and shiny, Glass is the perfect material to surround your new business with or add in the renovation of your current one.

At Bellissimo Colors, we allow you to create fully customizable decorative glass pieces that will match the niche of your space perfectly. We supply designs ranging from abstract colors and shapes to natural and urban landscapes. And if our offered patterns don’t suit you? Ask our design experts and they would be more than happy to find something that is exactly what you are looking for.